Monday, April 6, 2009

Pinky and the Brain

Good news: I slept okay last night! I dreamt I was at "U of I" (my junior high) and was taking blood tests instead of algebra tests.

Less-than-good news: Wrists and ankles really achy -- probably the worst I've seen them. Probably from stretching yesterday. :( Feeling a bit of relief now in my wrists, taking the opportunity to type this.

Days that my siblings (and the rest of the world) return to school are rough. It's becoming more and more clear that 9 out of 10 people will never really understand what I'm going through, what any person with POTS or CFS or Dysautonomia is going through. My daily, weekly, monthly experiences are not easy to explain. I have a host of symptoms for every given hour. Research hasn't yet found a clear-cut reason how or why I developed this condition. I know it must be unsettling to my peers -- especially my close friends -- that somehow a perfectly healthy young adult can suddenly acquire a life-altering illness.

It's much easier to ignore this kind of stuff.

I appreciate all who listen.


Sodium intake: 5545 mg (goal: 10,000 mg)
Fluid intake: 116 oz (goal: >80 oz)


  1. I was eating Chinese dumplings from Costco with lots of Soy Sauce, I was thinking of you wishing you could enjoy them along with fried rice with lots and lots of salty soy sauce too. We are thinking of you and so glad you share a little insight in all that you are going through. My niece says she was also diagnosed with POTS, so thank you for helping our family understand what she has been going through so much better. It is difficult when we just ask her in passing, 'How are you?' Its really not enough to understand one little bit. As you said too, she can't really sum it up in one word or a short sentence what she has been going through every minute of every night and day, and to say she is tired or her chest hurts doesn't seem like much when that is all we hear. This blog and the information you have with the links and symptoms is very comprehensive. Thank you Emma, we care so much about you and are rooting for you!

  2. yay sleep!

    U of I your junior high? Like, you dreamt it was U of I, and also somehow it was D.W.?

    "It's becoming more and more clear that 9 out of 10 people will never really understand what I'm going through"
    Yeah, sorry about that. It sucks to be misunderstood. I'll try to pay attention.

  3. Mrs. K - omigosh, was she diagnosed recently? I hadn't heard this!! Always glad to help. I have the world's greatest cheering section!

    I just read that soy sauce has 1000mg/tblsp! I should add more of it to my food. =)

    Jimmy- It was the DW cafeteria, and the 5/6 grade hallways were my medical testing rooms, but everyone else had class in the 7/8 grade classrooms. LOL my brutha, you comment on every post! I think you're paying pretty good attn.

    "Same thing we do every night, JohnMark...try to take over the world!!"