Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Bananas in Pajamas

Well the theme song is animated. So it counts.

Feeling a trifle less crummy this morning. :)

Super-exciting news! My mom has gotten me an appointment with Dr. Janice Gilden -- a POTS specialist in downtown Chicago. She's the only POTS-approved doctor in Illinois who will see patients 18 and over. And the appointment's in just 4 weeks! (The other guy's next opening wasn't until July. Can you imagine?!) Weird side note - she's an endocrinologist. The first guy was a cardiologist, and the one who diagnosed me at Mayo was a neurologist. What category goes POTS fall under, anyway?!

Anywho, my mom was very encouraged by what she's heard and read about this doctor. It'll be a long day at the hospital -- redoing tests, taking a lot of blood, performing similar tests in a different manner, doing POTS-specific tests that not even Mayo has....sounds thorough to me! Looking forward to it. Well, not the testing necessarily, but certainly seeing a new doctor.

Also -- again, everything here is just a theory we found in our own research -- there's some friend of a friend who had POTS and some neck problems (like me!). She had neck surgery, and it's made a world of difference in her symptoms, says the grapevine. Can POTS be caused by neck injury? Looking into that as well.

bananas in pajamas!


  1. It falls into the category of confusingology.

    There is a central spot at the base of your skull about the size of a quarter where everything flows through. There are some theories that an alteration that impairs the flow (like a neck injury) at this point can cause dysautonomia-like symptoms. There is very little evidence however.

  2. I sure hope the new doctor can help, and I hope the testing isn't too hard on you.

    And JohnMark is right; the whole thing is very confusing. Maybe neck surgery is the way for you, and maybe not.