Sunday, October 11, 2015

Salt & Fault

As a general health check-in, my dental hygienist always takes my blood pressure at the dentist. This time around it was 91/54. Ugh! So low! Not the lowest I can remember (73/37) but could definitely use some improvement.

So I'm on the Pickle Plan. (Let's face it, everything is more fun if you give it an alliterative name.) On the Pickle Plan I eat six midget pickles a day and continue to add salt to everything I eat. Made some homemade soup (vegetable quinoa, recipe from Joan B!) and just about emptied the salt shaker. Mm mm good. Get that BP up to a healthy range!

Haven't been keeping up with my writing. No good excuse, just a lot going on, priorities get shuffled around. My date to preach is officially on the calendar at the church I'm interning at. Scared out of my wits but trying to focus on how good and right and sacred it all feels. I got called "Pastor Emma" at least four times today! I'm on my journey toward that, toward me, toward ministering in some kind of effective way. I feel small. There's a lot of growth to be done.

This weekend we had several long days, setting up, running, and cleaning up from the church's annual community outreach event called Harvest Fest. I'm spent. Need to get some sleep.

dream of pumpkins, friends.