Friday, November 15, 2013

It's ME!

Hello World! Lovely, gorgeous, precious world.

I'm up. I'm back. And I'm here to tell the tale.

Now I shall try to summarize the past 7 months.

  • Completed college courses for the first time in YEARS! Got a 4.0 for spring semester!
  • Went to Hawaii with my family (Mahalo to our cousins, the St. John family!)
  • Totally ROCKED my bank teller job. Loved it so much. Ah! When you've been so isolated for so long, visiting with and interacting with people every day is such a gift. My co-workers couldn't understand why I was so darn happy all the time. (I chose not to share my health history unless it came up, which it didn't.) (Left the job a few weeks ago, due to being rather over-scheduled, and looking to be a full-time student come January.)
  • Completed the Undie Dash 5k in Chicago with all our neighbors!
  •  Started my first fall semester in 5 years! Taking Intercultural Communication, Intro to Art, and two choirs (yay singing!) - Gospel Choir and Chamber Singers
  • Went skydiving. I have no physical fear anymore. Seriously. It felt like the most natural thing in the world. We have conquered! We have overcome! God is amazing!

  • Started a nannying gig. Fell in love with children. Nuf said.
  • Was invited to membership in Phi Theta Kappa Honors Society. Also was accepted to the CLC Honors program.
  • Was honored with a choir solo - one of my favorite Christmas songs ever! (O Holy Night.) Concert is Sun. Dec. 15 at 3:30. You're invited!
I'm sure there are lots of other highlights... like celebrating my 23rd birthday with Cary, Clea, and baby Anneliis! She's just 10 weeks old now. 'dorbz.

I am coming across more and more people who have stories of chronic illness. Maybe it's just that I'm so much more aware of it or open to talking about it, but I swear, I think about invisible illness every day. My communication professor's 12-year-old son has POTS (a somewhat mild form). My choir friend's ex-boyfriend in California had severe POTS for 3 years, and is now preparing to go to medical school. I hope he is inspired to research more on  this crazy illness!

Today I had a burst of energy and went through some piles of old mail, hospital statements, receipts, and other clutter that I hadn't sorted through since it first came through my hands several years ago. I want to thank EVERYONE who was (and is!) so incredibly supportive, encouraging, and just present during my darkest days.

Things continue to look better and brighter. Sure, I have days where I need a nap, some extra superfoods, and a couple rounds of relaxation, but I have come so far, by the grace of God.

Hope to see you in real life sometime!!