Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Kim Possible

Getting up in the morning has been especially difficult lately. Even after 9 hours of sleep, I still feel extremely tired, mentally and physically. It takes me about an hour or more to adjust to keeping my eyes open and to prepare my muscles to get out of bed. I should probably highlight how different this pattern is from my "former life" -- I found that, for academics, I reached a peak of mental alertness at around 5 or 6 in the morning, so I'd leap out of bed at 4am on a regular basis. Granted, I'd also go to bed pretty early, but it's just not like me to be so groggy and disconnected in the morning.

Yesterday I learned of a celebrity who has Orthostatic Intolerance (OI), a main symptom of POTS. He was diagnosed about two and a half years ago: Greg Page, better known as the original Yellow Wiggle. He had to leave the group to focus on his health.

(Scroll down a bit to "Medical Condition Background.)

It's not "cool" that somebody famous has a condition similar to mine, but it might help people understand the severity a little better. If it makes one of The Wiggles fatigued, then it must be bad!

Mom got me a TON of high-sodium foods. :) More to come on which make the grade.


Saturday - 5005 mg Sodium (Goal: 10,000 mg)
Sunday - 3630 mg
Monday - 5600 mg


  1. Sorry to hear your mornings are tough. It's bizarre isn't it, when you're used to leaping out of bed ready and raring to go?!

    Greg Page is a great ambassador!

    Good luck with the high sodium foods. I cheat and take tablets.