Saturday, April 11, 2009

Looney Tunes

I received two very interesting pieces of mail today, both from the Mayo Clinic.

Item one: very fat envelope containing absolutely everything. Write-ups from consults, test results, pages on end...with some very interesting commentary from the internist -- our "go-to guy" while we were there.
(Back story: the internist was very, hm, confident that I did not have a medical problem. He seemed quite sure of himself that all my physical symptoms were due to the psychological stress of "going off to college." In speaking with the doctor after all my tests, I pronounced him mentally stable, but totally unapologetic and snooty. He seemed very surprised that another doctor was able to find something he didn't predict. I suspect he has a superiority complex.)

So in this huge packet, the neurologist wrote all about my tests, especially the tilt-table test, claiming "findings were compatible with POTS." Very definitive. Then he talks about the prognosis etc.

THEN in the conclusion, the internist writes, "Hopefully this **hypothesis** is correct." Hypothesis? Hypothesis?!? What a nincompoop. Can't even call my diagnosis a diagnosis, for Pete's sake.

Item two: "You have been chosen as part of a scientific sample of take part in this survey...about the care you received at Mayo Clinic." Private, confidential phone call conducted by an objective third party. Sweet.

I'm going to put this in the nicest possible way. I feel very special.

(I promise I'm not some evil kid out to get revenge or something. It's just not right for anyone to go to a doctor - especially at Mayo! - and be treated with such a condescending attitude.)

Happy Easter in advance!

Thurs - 4075 mg sodium
Fri - 3780 mg


  1. Boo condescending attitudes.

  2. I hate people that can't deal with things that don't fit into a neat little box. I am surprised that someone so close-minded could work at such an exploratory institution. Truth be told, that's probably why he was your go-to guy. The others were working to, you know, understand things and help people.