Thursday, November 29, 2012


Things are all over the place! Some bad days, but lately good days! Right now I am freaking out! I have an interview tomorrow! YAY! AHH! I hope I don't screw up! YAY! Go Team Autonomic Nervous System!

Books are terrific! What am I saying! Need to find an interview outfit in this closet! AHH!

deep. breathing.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Go Figure

Rough day for both sleep and digestion. I spent most of my time in bed or lying on the couch, watching the worst Lifetime movie I've ever seen. My sister and I laughed. Our dog rolled her eyes. Anyway, so at the end of my crummy day, I did my HRV test-- best numbers EVER. How strange! Hope I can keep those figures up while my other symptoms improve.


Sunday, November 18, 2012


Everything's going great. Monday and Tuesday were easily the best days I've had since my relapse in February. I had SO much energy-- shopped, hung out with friends, danced around, read for HOURS! On Friday I started driving again. Hooray! So far I'm just doing local roads, preferring to be out during daylight hours. And the new fitness director at my gym struck up a conversation with me, and five minutes into my sob-story-turned-success was like, "You have such a great attitude! I would love to hire you! Give me your information, seriously."

Wow!! Also my siblings and I will be at home for Thanksgiving... let the Christmas mischief-making begin!

i love reading!!!!

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Back at Home

Hello everyone! Sorry this post is so delayed. The last couple days in Dallas were hectic, then we drove for two days, and then I needed a couple days just to get re-acclimated here. And now, the news.
  • Welcome baby boy! Charles "Charlie" James Trevor was born on October 30, 2012 to my brother Matt and sister-in-law Katie. Eight pounds, nine oz., 20.5" long. Lookin' good, Champ! After some time in the NICU, Gnarly Charlie/Chocolate Chip/Chuckles/Chiclet came home from the hospital today. His Auntie Em gets to meet him in Colorado Springs in... 11 days!   [pics will go here...when I'm not so tech-stupid] 
  •  My last two days of treatment (Nov 1 &2) went very well. It's amazing how a solid night's sleep can make a world of difference. Plus Mom and Dad took me to a dueling piano bar in Dallas which was SO fun. I sang like crazy. Like craaazy! It was a great way to celebrate my improvement (and also force baby pictures on total strangers). Aw, proud Dad and Mom are now proud Gramp and Grammy. :)
  •  I got all the software and equipment for my continued at-home treatment set up. Four days on my own, and everything's going well. I have a pretty "demanding" schedule in that I have to do the following every day:
    •  sleep 10 hours
    • 10 minutes of breathing/temp. training as soon as I get up
    • supplement/eat, then 20 min of HRV (heart rate variability) training
    • kick around for a couple hours, eat lunch, supplements
    • take a 30-60 min nap
    • 25 min relaxation and temp. training
    • exercise up to 45 min
    • kick around in the afternoon/evening. eat.
    • nothing stressful an hour before bed
    • supplements/10 min breathing/ sleep
    • and 1 hour or less of TV a day
 But hey, I'm not complaining! I left the Center feeling about 30-40% better. Dr. K is confident (again, promising but not using that word exactly) that if I stick with the at-home training, I will be 100% better in 6-8 weeks. She says to plan on it. I will be driving. I will be able to go to school and work. Skeptics should take a good long look at my eyes. They are not dilated at ALL anymore. Check out my skin. There's color in my cheeks again. I am reading! BOOKS! Goooo brain!

Now I'll admit, the last few days here haven't been my best-- even had a small seizure yesterday. But I'm convinced this is just my body, my nervous system working its kinks out. I am making progress!

In other news, I'm SO happy to be home! With my dog! And my cat! And my other cat! And my friends! And my DVR! And yeah, even my brother. ;-) Home is the best. I never want to stay in a hotel again. That is...until I get to see the NEPHEW! Ohh, babycakes. This is gonna be fun.

later, lovers! smile!