Monday, April 13, 2009


Yesterday was challenging. A lot more fatigued than usual. Dizzy, mood swings, tremors, hands and feet going tingly/numb periodically. I think I pulled something in my shoulder/neck overnight. Slept 11 hours instead of my usual 9 -- definitely a testament to how worn out I am!

Slightly more positive news: my temperature has been down for two whole days! Hanging right around 98.6 instead of 100.0. Shouldn't get too excited, it might just be temporary, due to changes in medication or something. We'll wait and see.

Palpitations have been significantly more painful so far today, around 120 bpm even when lying down. Just gonna "take it easy" as they say.


5 minutes later...
Doy. Just realized I put my Beta blocker on the kitchen table this morning but forgot to take it. That could explain the heart-racing. Stupid short-term memory loss. >.<

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  1. Sorry you felt bad.
    It's so dumb that this problem is so invisible.
    Like, I saw you today, and I knew that you were feeling down, but I didn't know if it was particularly better or worse than normal. We're all so ignorant.

    But the blog helps to counteract that, so keep up the good work.