Sunday, April 5, 2009

Captain Planet

Trouble sleeping again; nightmares. The beta blockers are probably interfering with the Ambien, but getting 4-5 hours of sleep is better than none. I've noticed a couple improvements since starting the bb's: heart rate is a little slower, palpitations are slightly less bothersome when I get them...but other than that, I'm not too impressed. My vision has been really blurry today, things just coming in and out of focus sometimes. I'm not sure what the time frame is for a trial of bb's, but I'm curious to know at what point my Dr would recommend changing meds.

Today I've had a little more energy to keep up with my exercise/stretching regimen. :)

The CLC summer classes registration guide came in the mail yesterday...daydreaming about being well enough in 8 weeks. [Yes, the average recovery rate for POTS patients is 2-5 years. Just keeping optimistic.]

I still have a bunch of purple freckles left over from the sweat test!

Sodium intake: 3,425 mg (Goal: 10,000 mg)
Fluid intake: 112 oz (Goal: >80 oz)


  1. Yeah, I'd also like to see about getting off the bbs.

    yay exercise.

    optimism is good.

    good job on your fluid intake.
    sorry that sodium is so hard to get.

  2. Put salt on everything! I had a dream where I was with you and I put salt on doughnuts and other such food items and then made you eat them. Apparently I'm mean. LOL! Maybe it takes the beta blockers a little while to start working?

  3. I'm so glad you are back home now!

    I think the best way for me to eat salt is mashed potatoes, The other day I made some and I kept adding salted butter, salt and pepper and it was still hard to taste it. But I really have no idea how much 10g of salt is, and I can't imagine eating that every day. Except, maybe really salty chips and salsa or fritos and salsa, possibly with cheese. Something to cut the taste of all the salt.

    I just looked at the Boy Scout Microwave popcorn 370mg/cup of popped corn x 5 cups per bag is 1,850mg so you would need to eat 5 1/2 bags of that microwave popcorn each day. O.K. even for me a big eater and a big popcorn lover that would be difficult, certainly if I had to do it every day.

    I recommend shopping or looking at Peapod for groceries. You can sort by sodium content. So, if you want tortilla chips, you can change the sort from 'Most Popular' to 'Sodium' and then it says and lists the sodium level content lowest to highest. Usually it is consistent, like per ounce, but you may have to select on the item and read the label to double check. And, if you buy chicken soup you can pick the one with the highest sodium level. Then maybe you can get a variety of food in your diet that is high in sodium for its particular type of food. (For instance too, it says that Cook's Spiral Sliced Hickory Smoked Ham has 1000mg per one serving which is 3 oz.) I'm sure you are trying all that, but Peapod may make it a bit faster to figure it all out at first.

    I pray that you will find the right combination of drugs and diet soon! I'm really feeling for you kiddo!

  4. Sweet Corn is another good alternative for increasing salt intake. Harder to taste too

  5. Laura - ewwww salt on a donut?! haha funny dream! You're right, it's not fair for me to expect the bb's to help immediately. I'm sure the trial period is at least a few weeks. Patience, Yoda.

    Mrs. K - Thanks for the tips! Peapod is a great idea (I didn't know you could sort items like that!) and I will definitely look into mashed potatoes. Plus anything with "instant" on it has got to have at least twice the sodium you'd put in yourself.

    The highest sodium products in my house right now (plus the salt I add to them): chicken soup, "simply salted" microwave popcorn, V8, Ready Rice, microwave breakfast sandwiches, hot pockets, hot dogs.

    obviously this is not the healthiest diet ever created. =P

    JM - sweet corn sounds healthier!! lol thanks - will add it to my list.