Thursday, May 26, 2011

Day 6 of Cutting Back Midodrine Dosage

I'm totally off the Florinef. I think my body's doing okay with that; I've noticed fewer sparkle episodes upon standing.

Previously I'd been taking 30mg of Midodrine daily, in 10 mg pills. One at about 8 am, noon, and 4pm. This week (per Dr. Rogers's directions) I stopped taking the 4pm dose. Just going through adjustments... some easier than others. Digestion's getting better, taking risks in small bites. I'm sleepy more and sleeping more, sometimes 12 hours a day. Feeling kinda foggy-minded, kinda slow, kinda sad, but all in perspective. I've been through drug changes before, and I can separate my thoughts from me. My brain's still strong, and I love that-- even read a 400-page novel in 5 days!

This week - 2 pool workouts, 25 minutes ea. Sore the next day. Need to stretch more.

I look like I weigh about 105 lbs. This week I checked in at 114 and 111 lbs. (Disclaimer on all weight-related entries: Weight is neither a complete nor an accurate indicator of health. Within a given month, it is normal for a person's weight to fluctuate, especially for menstruating women. It is my goal to gain weight, and to do so healthfully, mindfully. I am unique, as is everyone. I could say a lot more about unsafe eating and/or exercise habits but will save that for another time.)

Otherwise, keeping up somewhat socially. Starting a regular multi-vitamin tomorrow. Avoiding some things, like cleaning my room. It's beyond wreckognition! Better get on that...after a long snooze.


Saturday, May 7, 2011

A Week Off Florinef

It's been up-and-down. My veins are more visible. Been dizzy, achy, moody. I didn't go into the office this week; hoping to feel well enough to return soon. The biggest change I've noticed for myself is having to give myself a few seconds to adjust between lying down/sitting/standing. If I jump up too quickly, suddenly a disco floor sparkles wildly around me and I have to lean on something.

The exercise portion of my treatment is, eh, delayed. I'm stretching some here and there. Using light weights during a commercial break. Taking care of one thing at a time, and right now it's rest. I'm sleeping about 10 hours a night instead of eight. (I have no idea if any of this is typical, just reporting my findings.) Digestive issues make me unhappy. I just want to eat a chocolate-chip-brownie-walnut-waffle sundae! Dream on, sugar plum. At present my diet consists of rice... and like 5 other foods that don't make me nauseous.

Brain tired from computer. Later days!