Monday, April 20, 2009


Especially fatigued in the last few days; palpitations and lightheadedness have kept me bed-bound for longer, and exercises are very difficult. Chest pain, bloating, nerve pain in my ribs.

Yesterday we raised the head of my bed (and lowered the foot) so there's about a 4" incline, per doctor's orders. This seems really silly to me, because the closer I am to standing, my symptoms are generally worse. Have you (other POTS patients) found this helps you to get reconditioned or anything? The one good thing is that my feet are a lot closer to the floor, making it easier to literally roll out of bed. But it's very weird to try to sleep on a slant. The pets are very confused by it!

LGS test came back normal.

Starting a potassium supplement today -- evidently you're supposed to take one if you're on Florinef, but the doc failed to mention that!

I've been really "out of it" mentally too. My best joke of the weekend:
If you had to rate your attention span on a scale of 1 to 10, what's your favorite color?


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  1. yeah, I don't think tilting the bed is a good idea.

    Why have things been getting worse these last few days? The drugs are supposed to be helping.