Sunday, September 13, 2015

Dating, or Just, Like, Not

Is it Lent yet? I think I need to give up online dating. It is honestly the silliest thing. I really wish I had a collection of "best of..." self-descriptions, photos, and captions from men's profiles. I could complain about money down the drain, but really I see online dating to a certain degree as an investment in entertainment.

This week I came across a young man, 23 or 24, who listed on his profile that he wanted to meet someone to be a devoted wife and mother. This did not surprise me. I see this more often than you'd think. But then he went on to describe how it's essential for his love interest to stay home and raise the chilluns for AT LEAST TEN YEARS. All I could think was, wow, I'm 22 seconds into reading your description and you're already asking for ten years? Not to mention popping out two or three or more kids! At least he's honest about his perspective on women's roles. Dodged a bullet you might say!
Today I went to a Meetup event called Nerds at Heart / Dating for Nerds. The term "nerd" is not necessarily derogatory anymore. You can "nerd out" over The Office, or Pixar movies, or loving Jeopardy, or speaking French. Nerds are people who are confident in their random trivia knowledge.
The best thing about this event was that there were more guys than girls, and the organizers wanted to encourage more women to attend, so it was free for me! Nice. Anyway, it was like, fun? Sort of? I mean it definitely beat sitting at home and cruising around my dating site du jour all afternoon. I met some great potential galpals. But the whole dating thing is just plain awkward. I may end up resigning myself to friends' set-ups. In the meantime I'll celebrate my singleness by eating popcorn and cracking up to some stand-up comedy.

Dumb blog won't let me post vids, but here's a link to Iliza Shlesinger talking about women's eating habits. Hysterical.

be well, and enjoy your relationship status whatever it may be!