Wednesday, April 8, 2009


Yesterday we got the rest of my test results back from Mayo --all normal. Yay! The doc says it means I don't have anything else wrong besides POTS, and it confirms the diagnosis. Today I'll get a prescription for Florinef -- a drug used in POTS and CFS (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome) patients to help retain sodium and increase blood volume.

There are a bunch of side-effects for this one too...oy. Nausea is one of my biggest symptoms these days - makes eating very unappealing - makes getting 10,000mg a day especially difficult. Although the good news is I've discovered Uncle Ben's Ready Rice -- one cereal bowl of flavored rice has over 2000 mg of sodium!! Already got it on the shopping list. :) Thanks for your suggestions too!

In other news...pulse down to 81 bpm yesterday (definitely an improvement from the bb's, yet heart-pounding still painful); my palms were blueish this morning;
keeping up with the exercises; resting a lot.

"and now...a musical interlude"
et :)

Monday - 6405 mg sodium
Tuesday - 5925 mg

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  1. side-effects?!?!? Bah. Humbug I say, humbug! =)