Thursday, April 2, 2009

PB&J Otter

>>Wrote this last night, but it didn't post.

Age 7. World's greatest theme song. Especially around 0:45 when it gets all soulful. haha love it.

Hokay, halfway important things now.

So far today, I have ingested about 14 glasses of water and 4000 mg (4 g) of salt. Woo. Taking the treatment to heart here. I'm not going to be sick, but I'm thinking 10g (10,000 mg) of sodium (every day!) is starting to look like a very lofty goal. That was the exact amount the neurologist suggested, but seriously? Ew. I don't think my taste buds can handle it. Maybe it'll just take some getting used to.

Truth: I'd have to chug V8 for like 3 hours straight to get 10g a day.

Epic truth: Consuming four times the FDA's recommended daily amount of sodium is not for the faint of heart or weak of stomach. Bleh.

I would definitely consider sodium tablets, but most POTS patients show no response to them. It looks like the diet change is necessary. Just call me the saltine queen. (But not more than 6 a minute. It's physically impossible.)

Today was Day 1 for the Beta blockers -- tiny pills! Literally smaller than Certs mints or Nerds candy -- and my dosage is one half a day! I'm amazed my dad was able to split them. I think the dosage is so small because a number of people respond really badly early on.

I started my reconditioning exercises too. Palpitations in my ears, and anything involving a sense of balance was really difficult. But I can tell these will help me work up a greater tolerance to activity.

I've updated my medication list on the right-hand column, if you have any thoughts on that.

love and otters,


  1. I am mildly surprised they started with atenolol, but I am not an expert...yet.
    I look forward to hearing about how well it works for you.

  2. I gotta say fraggle rock is a better theme song

  3. Bleh, so much salt!
    Let's keep an eye on the drugs; I'm afraid there may be bad side effects (as you mentioned)

  4. Fraggle Rock *was* a good theme! those giants totally freaked me out though.

    It's WAY better in French!