Saturday, April 25, 2009

Mary Poppins!

Holy moley! I am so happy and amazed I was feeling well enough to go to see Mary Poppins downtown last night. It'd been a week of lows since I started the Florinef, and let me emphasize that I'm not cured or anything, yesterday was really tough too, but hooray! Um, bullet points.
  • Friday 8am - after lots of bad dreams, finally got up and had breakfast. Feeling really nauseous and drowsy. Tried to go back to bed, recurring dream where I can't breathe. :(
  • 10:30am - got up, showered, got dressed. Hanging out on the couch and noticing I don't feel nearly as crummy as days previous.
  • 1pm - decide I'm gonna try to go to the show
  • 4pm - not so sure, migraines, fatigued, nausea
  • 5:45 - driving downtown!
The show was great-- so much talent!! I don't want to give anything away, but it was very different than the movie. It was hard to try to adapt to the bright lights and applause -- my eyes and ears are so sensitive. I may have been very cranky to my family too. Sorry. I was totally wiped out by the time we got home (almost midnight!), and my neck, shoulders, and back ache. But I think it was worth it! Plus we were in the perfect seats!! :)

The best part was during a quiet scene...a little boy in the row ahead of us started making noise. My parents thought he was snoring, but really he was just making farting noises on his arm. What are those called? Raspberries? My sister had no idea what was happening. But I could not stop laughing!!! I had to bite my lip til it bled, it was so funny. And then of course, the old woman starts singing "Feed the Birds," and I'm doubled over, tears in my eyes. All because of the kid making fart noises.

I shall never forget him.

I can tell I'm going to have to stretch a LOT today -- I'm pretty sore already. But I am so happy that for the first time in months, I've been able to do something like this. I even stood in line for the bathroom!! Did I feel pretty miserable? Yes. Palpitations, stomachaches, joint pain, the works. Even during the show, just sitting, I felt the need to lie down...BUT this is the first fun outing I've have in a long time, and it was fun.

**To Prevent a Misunderstanding!**
I had a decent, tolerable day. This does not mean that I'm cured or that I'm having an easy recovery. Most POTS patients have up-and-down days, weeks, and months for several years. I am thankful that the first "up" day in 10 days fell on the day we had Mary Poppins tickets. But *please* understand that my condition does limit me severely, and I cannot do this kind of thing every day. I nearly didn't even go yesterday!

Phew. Okay, that's all for now.



  1. Yay for a convenient "up" day! I'm glad you had so much fun and got to see Mary Poppins! (I almost typed that Mary Poopins...thought you might laugh at that). Also, I've had one of those dreams where you can't breathe before! They are so so scary! Blahh!! Anyways, I shall be home soon (in a few weeks, mid-May) and I look forward to seeing you!

    <3 Laura

  2. Good on ya! I'm so happy you were able to enjoy your day.
    I totally understand what you mean about up and down days, as I have them myself all the time. Being out of the house does lift your spirits even though its hard on the body!

    Here's to many more good days : )

  3. Enjoy the up days when you can. And remember that, in time, they will get more frequent.