Thursday, April 16, 2009


Delightful weather we're having! I sat outside for about 40 minutes before I started getting palpitations and feeling dizzy. 60 degrees. Hm. I wonder what my heat tolerance will be like this spring and summer. Better take advantage of the "cooler warmer" days when I can.

Today Mom found a "POTS + Chronic Fatigue" study that's being conducted at a medical school in New York. I haven't seen the details myself, but there's some new drug that a lot of people have been responding well to. Filling out all the paperwork now...I hope they pick me! Maybe I should send in a picture. Like a glamor shot or something.

It was about one year ago that I decided on U of I. The question everyone asks is, "Where are you going to spend the next four years?" And in regards to picking a major or career, it's along the lines of "What will you do with the rest of your life?"

Funny how none of that really matters at the moment. For several weeks before I ultimately came home, the fact that my dorm was right next to the campus healthcare facility held infinitely greater importance than what or where I'd chosen to study. (Although I think many would point out that being within a reasonable distance of home certainly made things easier.) Just a word to my compadres a year or two younger: perspective.

But I do plan to return to U of I, in case you were wondering. ;)

Time to lie down again,


  1. Hm, studies are cool, but you don't have an official diagnosis of Chronic Fatigue to go along with your POTS, which lowers the odds of being chosen for the study.

    Don't worry about college. We'll deal with that as we can.

  2. "We believe that this study will help to determine the specific cause of POTS in CFS and will point towards improved medical therapy for teenage patients" (, 2009).

    I'm pretty sure they're open to POTS patients who display all the symptoms of CFS (me) but haven't been diagnosed with CFS (also me).

    Actually I don't really know. But how many patients 13-19 would qualify for it anyway? I'd be willing to try a new medication if it meant we could find out a couple clues to why/how people get CFS or POTS.