Saturday, March 21, 2009


Yesterday was a bummer and a half. Spent most of the day in bed, and my time on the couch...well, backache, migraines, nausea, cramps, extremely tired eyes, foggy in my noggin, heart racing, chest pain, fever...yeah. Probably should've stayed in bed.

So far today, I seem to be on the same agenda. It's very frustrating that the painkillers don't really seem to be making much of a dent in my headaches. Not thinking straight a lot of the time. New symptom: involuntary twitching, especially while lying down, especially in my thumbs, knees, and feet. Nose went numb again for a bit, fingers tingling. :(

I'm watching Season 2 of "The Office," which is quite funny. Its title could also be "My Boss Is Dumber Than a Goldfish and Less Mature Than a Fifth-Grader." Little long, but pretty much the premise of most episodes. Oh, except you might have to add a sub-title like, "And there's this guy Dwight...who you wouldn't believe."

Movie quote:
"Short people have long faces, and long people have short faces. Big people have little humor, and little people have no humor at all."

"Dignity. Always dignity."


  1. I've always wanted to watch The Office. I've seen like 2 episodes.

    Singin' in the Rain

  2. I recognize many of your movie quotes:

    the "model" one is from Zoolander I think.

    The "microwave meal" is from Home Alone.

    The "short people with long faces" is very familiar.... but I forget where I heard it. But I think of a British accent....

  3. I love The Office. Oh, Dwight...I have "Office parties" with a couple of my friends every Thursday night to watch new episodes. So funny!