Sunday, March 1, 2009

Frosted Alpha-Bits

March is a new month. Nearly a new season. Post titles will now honor my favorite cereals, past and present.

Still have the fever, ranging from 99.0 to 100.4 in the last 24 hours--100.3 most recently. Not a biggie, but I would feel more comfortable if it went away. And took some friends along with it: hyper-sensitive eyes and ears, back spasms, crazy stomachaches, weird dreams, itchy scalp/ hair falling out/ sores on the back of my head, unrelenting heart palpitations, chest pain, muscle and joint weakness, headaches, extreme fatigue, trouble concentrating, etc.

Super frustrating. Keeping the limited diet because of the stomachaches. Seeing little difference. Hoping this month will bring some improvements.

watching some brilliant movies, though, like Finding Neverland...and Glitter!

why do i always sign my name here?


  1. Signing your name is a tradition, I guess. It's fine by me.

    I remember when you first saw Finding Neverland, and it wasn't till halfway through that you realized Peter Pan hadn't been written yet, and the story is about the guy who writes it.

    I hope your symptoms go away.

  2. that was the best part of the movie!! I firmly believe it's best to know as little as humanly possible upon seeing a movie. Especially if you know it will be good. =)