Saturday, March 14, 2009

Corn Pops

Well yesterday wasn't great, and today hasn't been stupendous either, but, to quote Scarlett O'Hara, "Tomorrow is another day!"

Really painful palpitations again this morning. Terrible dreams last night. Migraines, achiness esp in my hands and ankles. Lots of ear pain and ringing. Bleh.

Been doing a TON of reading about POTS...yeah. I should be comforted that, if this is what it is, that other people have it and have had it. But the thing is that not everybody gets better. And I don't like that. I won't accept that! I have a whole lotta life left to live! I can't just be stuck in this state forever! No way, no how. I'm gonna do whatever it takes to fix my silly autonomic nervous system, and just be on my way. Thank you very much.

Fight, fight, fight. Hence the boxing gloves.

go to the mattresses!


  1. Hey Scarlet!
    Thinking about you this week- I know you have the table test coming up. I did a bit of reading on POTS, I so hope that you are closing in on a diagnosis! Still thinking about finding an adorable little pup- let me know if you see any on the Orphans site :)
    Love you, Aunt Lauren

  2. You won't be stuck like this forever.