Sunday, March 15, 2009

Smart Start

It's gorgeous out today! :)

Didn't sleep well again last night. Was resting in bed for a few hours this morning. Really fast palpitations, painful migraines. Noticed some red splotches on my feet that I hadn't seen before; went away after elevating my legs for a few minutes.

Mom and I walked 10 minutes today, first time in a while. Good to get out. Crazy chest pain by the end though.

I'm following YouTube videos by a girl in NJ who has POTS. She's 23, first got sick 4 years ago. She's just starting college now, taking one class twice a week. It's great that she's able to do that, but I have to admit it freaks me out. In my mind, I HAVE to go back to school as soon as humanly possible. But I can't make schedules any more.

Every day is just so hard. Gotta keep looking ahead, moving forward.

I have 6 songs in my iTunes called "Hold On,"

P.S. Her username is "ChronicallyKyli" if you're interested in her videos--a couple are really informative. =]

1 comment:

  1. Don't freak out. We don't even know if it's POTS. And if it is, POTS is different for everyone anyway, so that still doesn't mean you'll be afflicted like the youtube girl.