Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Blueberry Morning

Yesterday I struggled to stay awake during the day, but I knew if I took a nap it would just make it harder to get to sleep last night. Took the new Rx muscle relaxant Cyclobenzaprine (5mg), went to bed at 10:30, had a lot of trouble getting to sleep. New symptom: a really painful, high-pitched whistle tone in my left ear. Ouch. Only one back spasm, so I guess that's an improvement. Just endless heart palpitations in my neck and wrists, labored breathing. Fell asleep around 4:15, and slept until 11:45. A solid 7.5 hours though, even if it took almost 6 hours to fall asleep.

Tonight we're upping the dosage to 10mg. Hopefully that will help.

Restorative sleep is the best thing for a person. I'm still super tired and groggy.

Trying to challenge myself a little bit physically, although it's sometimes really hard. I stood up while blow-drying my hair today, instead of sitting. Standing for a good 5-10 minutes makes my heart beat a lot harder. Ow.

gotta rest,


  1. I sure hope the extra dose helps tonight and you have sweet dreams... As always, thanks so much for the update.

  2. I wonder if a defibulator/pacemaker vest would help (not implanted) with POTS, if you had it.

  3. hmm...haven't heard of that in POTS patients, but will definitely keep our minds open to the possibility!

  4. A mysterious noise? Dang, you have a lot of symptoms.

    I still say you should sleep whenever you're tired. You shouldn't "struggle to stay awake" just to maintain a normal sleep schedule. If you're tired, sleep. It's just that simple.