Monday, March 9, 2009

Berry Berry Kix

Last night, around 11, I suddenly had a ton of energy! Kind of exciting, but I'm feeling it now in my shoulders and hands.

Slept relatively well last night, only took about 1.5 hrs to fall asleep, then a solid 9 hours =)

Today drowsy mostly. Headaches, heart palpitations are my biggest symptoms. Ears really sensitive. Other stuff...stomachaches, etc. Only 5mg of prednisone tomorrow and we're seeing the rheumatologist. Will probably run some more tests. Any suggestions, let me know.

Meanwhile, despite the headaches, I really like reading all these college admission essays. Gives me a sense of purpose, I think. Living vicariously through the over-achievers. Hopefully I'll be back with them in the fall.


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