Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Lucky Charms?

Ambien makes me very happy. First good night's sleep in weeks!! [Doc said it was okay :) ]

Just got back from the Tilt Table Test. BAD. ugh. Strapped to a Frankenstein table with 83927 wires in me, machine taking blood pressure every 60 seconds, standing at a 70-degree angle, exhausted, heart beating wild, can't keep my eyes open, can hardly breathe, for 40 minutes. That's a very, very long time for me to be standing up. I'm glad I didn't pass out. That's mainly what the test checks for--syncope.

We should get the results by tomorrow. My brain was pretty fogged-up the whole time, but I remember he said my resting heart rate (lying down) was 104 bpm. Not so good. =/

Ophthalmologist later today. Now it's time for some rest.

Thanks for your support, everybody!


  1. Ambien is definitely a nice way to get some rest. I've taken it on like 10 occasions. Its amazing how much sleep can help your whole body and mind, though, so I hope it helps you feel at least a little better!

  2. Sorry you had to go through all that.