Monday, February 23, 2009

With a Little Help From My Friends - Jim Sturgess & Joe Anderson (Across the Universe)

Little change of plans. To really give the Prednisone a "fair trial" we're continuing the 15 mgs through Friday, then see what Dr. Bodkin says. My tummy's not too happy about it, but whatever. Maybe it just takes longer for some people. Pain, pain, go away...

today: headaches, dizziness, hurts to move my eyes quickly, ear aches, joint pain esp. wrists and elbows, excessively thirsty, difficulty sleeping last night, etc.

We're still waiting for a more detailed report, but it sounds like KF's surgery is "so far, so good" :)

This is really rough, but I know I have a lot of terrific people in my corner. Thanks for everything; even if I haven't had the energy to reply, know that I appreciate you. =]

I emptied the dishwasher today! And folded socks! chyea. big deal.

smelling like fabric softener,