Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Jump on the Bandwagon!

Hello. Welcome.

FAMILY! Hi. Yes, it's now 100% official and public. Sorry I didn't email you all sooner. Yep, the rumors are true. That diseased Trevor kid has a "blog." It's short for web-log, as in a log, or journal, that one keeps via the internet or "blogosphere." That's about the extent of my blog knowledge.

The address for my blog is http://emma-stronger.blogspot.com

You don't need to be a "member" or anything to read my blog. Feel free to add it to your favorites or spread it all 'round the family conifer.

The following devices are faces... :) .... :( ... =D ... :P ... >.< ... ^_^

For short-hand acronyms or slang references, I suggest urbandictionary.com ... or just ask me. You can leave comments on the blog itself (visible to everyone), or contact me via email (emmatrevor@gmail.com) or on Facebook (Emma Trevor).

The column on the right can guide you through all my past entries. I do have some privacy settings on blogspot, though. People can't just search and find this blog. They need the actual address...so hopefully not too many creepers. No worries =)

All right, without further ado,
Today, Tuesday. 2/10/09

Woke up at 6--nightmares. Unable to get back to sleep. Bummer to get only 6 hrs of sleep. Trying to get on a more normal schedule, but my body just won't have it! Mom and I walked outside for 32 minutes. SO WARM! And windy. I look plain silly in baseball caps, and (for the moment) it's too nice for a winter hat. Still thinking about doing something super dramatic with the hair I have left.

Symptoms today: bad headaches, dizziness, heart palpitations, chest pain to the extreme, fatigue, trouble concentrating, um...yeah. see previous days.

This is what you really wanted to read.

Dr. Bodkin seems great. Listened to the saga and checked out my records (says the bulging disks are not a big deal!!! whaaaat?!). Took 8 viles of blood for testing. Will have results next week. Tests include psoriasis, arthritis, tons of auto-immune stuff, um, rare disease stuff, antibodies... ...yeah I wasn't there mentally for the last 40 minutes or so. Tooooo tired.

I update this blog every day. Will be sure to keep you posted. Posts are never this long, I promise!

love and more love,

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  1. It's great that you're announcing this blog to everybody; I promise to keep reading for as long as you keep posting.

    I hope the rheumatologist can suggest something, but as always it's up-in-the-air until the results come back in. Until then (and always), take care of yourself.