Monday, February 2, 2009

Tar and Feathers

The neurologist appt did not go well. Butthead.

He said that he was not the doctor to see; I should go to a rheumatologist. Then he proceeded to ask a million stupid questions about my condition that were ALL already answered in the medical files we'd sent over. What a dork-brain. Stupid loser face.

Discouraged like none other. We have to wait 2-4 more months before it can be diagnosed Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. And then it's considered a lifelong condition that can just come and go at any time for no reason.

What the heck. I suck at this game.

looking for the silver lining,


  1. Doctors rarely take the time to read your file before you come in for an appointment (it's dumb, but unfortunately true). I hate it when that happens. My doctor one time asked me if I was sexually active, I said no. Then she proceeded to ask me (right after that last question) if I was pregnant.....I was tempted to tell her that yes, I was pregnant and would have a virgin birth in 7 months. Because that happens all the time. Seriously...
    Also doctors, particularly specialists (most likely because they think they're better than everyone else. It's an ego thing. I would know, I play the trumpet) can be absolute @$$holes. Don't let them get to you, they are the ones who are being disrespectful and letting their ego get the best of them.
    So, all that was to tell you not to be discouraged. If it is Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, then you will get your diagnosis in due time. Don't worry about that until it happens. However, I personally think that it would be too big of a coincidence that your body is going haywire at the same time your spinal discs are bulging. Then again, I'm no doctor...

    Silver lining? You have me ;) Haha. I don't know if that's really a silver lining. You also have a nice house and comfy clothes to rest in. AND music. Music is always good no matter what your situation (unless perhaps you're deaf. But then again, look at Beethoven...). Try this: when you're alone in your house or when your house is relatively noise free, play some really relaxing classical music and just lay on your back and listen. Let the beauty of the chords and interactions of the different instruments sink in, but don't analyze it. Breathe slowly and just listen.

    Ok, that's my really long two-cents.

    Peace out, good luck, and call me whenever,

  2. I agree with Laura. Music is good.
    Sorry that the doc was a disappointment.