Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Perdido - Ella Fitzgerald

Overall, I think today has been a smidge better than yesterday. =)

Yesterday my nose went numb for about a half-hour. Freakish. Lots of pain in general. Difficulty sleeping.

Today I look really pale, and I probably have a small fever. I know there's a thermometer around here somewhere. Tired.

Still having joint pain, chest pain, but fewer headaches! Granted, I upped my ibuprofen a little, but hey. Still having stomachaches, eyes and ears hurting, but I went to the chiropractor and the last few hours have been significantly better. (I just hope I still have relief tomorrow!)

Watching a lot of inspirational movies, esp. set in Depression-era America. Rough, rough times. Big, big victories. Good stuff.

Biggest change is a lot more mental clarity in the past few hours. Much appreciated.

time for my 7th meal of the day,


  1. "a smidge better than yesterday. =)"
    count your blessings =)

  2. Anything that includes the word "smidge" must be good. Makes me think of Jimmy Stewart in It's a Wonderful Life talking about Zuzu's smidge of a temperature.

  3. Hi Emma!
    Just checking in. I had to catch up on your blog.
    So, Bradley and I just bought the game KerPlunk- an old classic. Pretty sure we had it when your Mom and I were kids. Would you be up for a game later next week? I could also offer free massages.
    I'm going to see Grams & Grandad in FL this weekend. Wish you could come for some sun!