Thursday, February 5, 2009


Couldn't sleep last night, despite the snooze meds. Lots of back pain and nightmares...esp about stevenson. weird.

Today, surprisingly a bit perkier. Got a rheumatologist appt for next Tues. If it doesn't go so hot, we're seriously considering the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota. Like to hear that my health is so important :)

Feet, right hand, and nose have been completely numb for the last several hours. Uncomfortable.

GOOD NEWS!! I have learned how to work the DVR! it's amazing!

hoping to be well enough to go to class tomorrow? "Film and Society" 9am-noon. Don't usually get up until 10:30, but we'll see what happens.

joan of arcadia!


  1. Hello, my name is JohnMark and I am a recovering DVR addict.

  2. it's awful! I'm watching 4 episodes a day of Malcolm in the Middle. And that's just the beginning.

    it's amazing what's playing at 3 in the morning.

    good luck with your recovery :)