Friday, February 6, 2009

Thank You, Tiger Balm

Set my alarm for 7 this morning, ample time to get ready for class at 9. Unfortunately, the buzzing found me in the midst of a series of horrific nightmares. Sweating, heart-racing, the whole nine yards. Really achy. Eyes felt very heavy and I felt compelled to defeat the dream, so I went back to sleep. An hour later, Mom came in to wake me and I think I screamed. Just major bad news all around. Still in pain, took a couple ibuprofen, slapped some more tiger balm on my torso, and wrestled with the freaky dream for another couple hours. Awoke feeling totally wiped out. (That tiger balm stuff is great though--like menthol for your muscles.)

Will try to go to class next week if possible.

Otherwise, lots of dizziness/vertigo today, vision problems, hard to read and concentrate. Experiencing more and more short-term memory loss, constantly forgetting the point I was trying to make in a sentence, and brushing my teeth twice.

The cell phone charger my mom and I share has mysteriously bit the dust. Please call on the home line for the coming week. We're almost at the point where we can get new phones for sense in buying a new charger until then.

Malcolm in the Middle makes me feel better about my entirely dysfunctional family. :)

Walked outside today 20 minutes! So much warmer than a few days ago.

listening to u2's the joshua tree over and over,


  1. at least your forgetfulness is leading to a healthy dental condition. No cavities for Emma!
    still trying to get you all the sedaris...but will probably end up sending you a disk!

  2. I am taking credit for Tiger Balm! I told your mom about it. :)
    Hope it helps a little bit.

    Love your blog!

  3. Short-term memory loss? I never knew that was one of your symptoms. But hey, that's like Dory, right? =)