Sunday, May 24, 2009

Snickers Ice Cream

Biked 35 minutes yesterday, 20 minutes today, plus a couple hours of stretching. Sore. I'm working really, really hard at this. So why has my condition plummeted in the last 24 hours? Ugh. I did not sign up for this! None of us signed up for this! Look on every bulletin board in all the world, I can tell you we did not sign up for this.

New musculo-skeletal pain in my forearms. What the heck. I don't get it.

The good news is my dad got me a new ice pack...and it's enormous! We call it the bullet-proof vest. Helps my pain a little.

One of my favorite "So You Think You Can Dance" auditions:

gonna be back in the arts someday,


  1. Emma,
    Look back over your history - to be able to bike 2 days in a row is a huge improvement!! I know you are incredibly frustrated right now but you are improving. Try to keep strong, throw things when you need to and shed a tear if that helps also. You will get to the other side.
    Cheryl,Steve,Ashley and Drew

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  3. Hi Emma!

    okay, I am waiting for the new Ben & Jerry's flavors:
    "Literature, Kids" and "Pots Specialist" !!
    Also, when you are feeling up to it, there's an Italian ice place near me that serves Cantalope Sorbet/Ice!!! we will go sometime soon :)

  4. As Anonymous said, it's encouraging that you're able to bike at all.

    also, yay bulletproof ice.