Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Jamocha Almond Fudge

Really up-and-down today. Able to do a few stretches, so that's good. Otherwise, headaches, lightheaded, fever's up, chest pain, suddenly tired.

Tomorrow I hope to finish packing up my college stuff to put in the basement. :( Everything's just been sitting in the hallway in boxes for a few months. Such big dreams, so short lived.

I probably sound really dramatic. Sorry. Just keeping a record for my book. ;)

Okay, funny story! Last night I dreamt that Stacy and Clinton (from "What Not to Wear") were my high school gym teachers, except class was held in my junior high dance studio(?). Anyway, I convinced them that instead of kickball we should play "Throw-Ice-Cream-at-the-Teachers." Haha, evil student minds prevail yet again!

quick before it melts,


  1. There was a dance studio at DW?

  2. lol no..."the dance studio I went to (and stunk at!) after-school during 6th grade" sounded too wordy. :)

  3. Love Stacy and Clinton - would hate to have them show up at my doorstep - or maybe not!! Think about you all the time. Praying for strength and compassion from others.

    Aunt Cheryl, Uncle Steve, Ashley and Drew

  4. "Such big dreams, so short lived."
    Dreams can be reborn. =)

  5. When you first had to drop out of school, I thought of this poem. Did you read it in high school?

    "My Dreams, My Works, Must Wait Till After Hell"

    I hold my honey and I store my bread
    In little jars and cabinets of my will.
    I label clearly, and each latch and lid
    I bid, Be firm till I return from hell.
    I am very hungry. I am incomplete.
    And none can give me any word but Wait,
    The puny light. I keep my eyes pointed in;
    Hoping that, when the devil days of my hurt
    Drag out to their last dregs and I resume
    On such legs as are left me, in such heart
    As I can manage, remember to go home,
    My taste will not have turned insensitive
    To honey and bread old purity could love.
    -Gwendolyn Brooks

    I know this wasn't written about POTS, but it just made me think about how you've put your dreams on hold-- but also how you can return to them when this is all behind you. And I know for sure that when the devil days of your hurt are done, you won't be weakened but, rather, strengthened-- as you've already decided, judging from the name of your blog :D I'm rambling, but you get my meaning. Sorry I'm so long-winded.. :/

  6. Aud, I love that you are long-winded.

    And thanks for reminding me of this poem!! *sniffle* As always, you remain a shining literary scholar.

    I've been thinking a lot about "The Right to Fail" (William Zinsser) from sophomore English. Good stuff those SHS teachers got goin' on.

    Terrific, my friend. That you are. :) Thank you.