Thursday, May 28, 2009

AmeriCone Dream

The Stephen Colbert ice cream!

I am totally exhausted. The Wienermobile was absolutely hysterical. More later.

Happy birthday to my brother Jimmy! Now our ages are all divisible by 3. Yay! Once we were all prime numbers. I think that was the best. :)



  1. Oh I wish I were an Oscar Meyer Weiner....

  2. I don't. Sometimes your the hot dog and sometimes your the pigeon who just lands on your hand FOR NO REASON and pecks at the hot dog, causing you to drop it on the ground in surprise, and then the pigeon just TAKES your hot dog! New York needs to teach their pigeons manners!

  3. I think I know who posted that...I hope your bizarre pigeon philosophy doesn't scare away my readers. Best of luck to the hot dog.

  4. yay divisible by 3!

    Now we just need to be multiples of i^ith
    That would be awesome. =)

  5. you do realize that the whole numbers, ages obsession is a genetic marker, passed down from your mother, right?!

  6. Fo' real?! Sweet. Chalkin another one up to the good ol' quirky family tree. Yup. It's not just me.