Tuesday, May 19, 2009

POTS Specialist

Totally exhausted, but I gotta get something down before I forget. Or pass out.

Dr. Gilden is very knowledgeable about POTS & autonomic dysfunction. She also said "Only time will tell" about a dozen times. Yeah. Ouch.


(HTML, you stink. Where is the bullet point button?)

  • 10 vials of blood for a panel of 14 tests. man oh man. PLEASE no more fasting!
  • 12 blood pressure tests. A little lower than at Mayo, but still around 100/60 standing, so not too bad. Heart-rate jumped from 79 sitting to 109 standing. Gosh dern!
  • THE most awkward EKG...like, ever. =P
  • Will be doing an at-home 3-day blood sugar monitor soon.
  • Getting off iron supplement and potassium supplement; might be contributing to my upset stomach. Will try to replace both in my diet.
  • No explanation for 3-month fever. Gah.
  • Emphasis on exercise. So easy for a healthy person to say. I'm trying.

We'll see her in a week or two to discuss the test results. Might put me on Midodrine. I'm a little confused because she says I have orthostatic hypotension? I was really out of it, I don't know, whatever, we'll talk about it.

Gonna go rest now.

hospital gowns mean hospital FROWNS!


  1. Dang mysterious time-telling.
    Hang in there, Emma.

  2. Hi, I found your blog while I was looking up stuff on POTS. I have had it for 9 years.. I am now 23. I have been all over looking for anything to help, or doctors who MIGHT have a clue. Midodrine is the only thing that has helped.. that and compression socks. I am attempting to maybe go to an endocrinologist because cardiologist and neurologists have no clue what to do with me. My resting pulse is 70. When I stand it goes up to 168. I am sick of this.. just know that there are more of us out there with ya :)

  3. Does anyone else feel the constant pumping of ones heart beat while sitting and a nice resting heart rate of 60ish? It is driving me nuts!