Monday, May 18, 2009

Chunky Monkey

Hello art lovers. I am resting up for my medical marathon tomorrow! I don't know the exact itinerary, but we will be meeting Dr. Janice Gilden, an endocrinologist who lists herself as a POTS specialist. (She is one of just two doctors in the state of Illinois who is familiar enough with POTS to treat it. IL's other doc doesn't see patients 18 and over. Yay for Dr. G! Fighting ageism every step of the way! ha!) Since I'm a new patient at this hospital, they will be running a gajillion tests. Our appointment is 9am - 5pm. Phew!

We're hoping Dr. Gilden will offer some new insight and maybe change my meds. However we also know they might not have much to suggest. We'll see how it goes. Thanks for your thoughts and prayers!

Someday I will own a chain of inspirational dry cleaners, and it shall be called...PRESS ON!



  1. Hi Emma,
    Just wanted to wish you good luck tomorrow : ) I am anxious to see what they have to offer you. I couldn't find you on the POTS page so I hope you don't mind me posting wishes here.


  2. Emma,
    Its Tuesday now and today is the day. I hope and pray that you are given a path to follow and some additional help to work through your symptoms. You will be in our prayers - good luck

    Cheryl, Steve, Ashley, Drew and Maggie too!!

  3. Good luck Emma!! Hope all goes well. :D

  4. Our prayers are with you.

    JM & Lee

    PS I found the inspirational dry cleaner gag pretty funny.