Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Birthday Cake Remix

Hi. Howdy. Where to begin.

I love your comments, I love seeing your name, or maybe "anonymous," or maybe "anonymous" + signing your name. The combinations are endless! You should know, though, that I have been getting some spam (junk mail) comments lately, especially ads for herbal supplements. I delete these comments, but yesterday I made an error. My apologies to a reader whose suggestion was legitimate!

I'm not a blog expert by any means. I'm not exactly sure how to "subscribe" or "follow" without a Gmail account. I don't know how to post comments privately.

BUT I do know how best to reach me -- the magic of email!


So we're all on the same page. Kewl.

News: 30 min of the stationary bike, tons of stretching, sore. Bundles of back pain last night. Involuntary muscle contractions, chest pain, heart palpitations. My eyes are having trouble focusing. So yup, the usual. One day at a time.

Happy birthday to my big brother Matt!

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  1. yeah, it'd be nice if "anonymous" posters could put their names at the end, like this: