Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Sorry my condition causes me to speak in fragments.

Walked for 12 continuous minutes yesterday, per doctor's orders to loosen up my low back. Today, quads so unbelievably sore that moving, walking, sitting, standing are all difficult. Stairs are treacherous and to be avoided at all costs. I think I want to invest in a cane because it's so hard to get around. Very nervous about being home alone for part of the day tomorrow.

Other symptoms: very tired, heart palpitations, itchy eyes, ringing/pain in ears, really painful intestinal cramps, migraines, numb feet, numb fingertips, some difficulty breathing, dizziness. Hair falling out like crazy. Seriously considering shaving my head and getting a wig. Or very fashionable hat. I like winter hats.

I'm really trying to avoid looking like that guy from Lord of the Rings...you know...the "my precious" dude...not Dobby, that's from Harry Potter...anyway, you probably know who I'm talking about. The creepy one who has like 6 hairs left on his head. I'm getting pretty close to looking like that. :(

Started taking the FibroPlex Plus again today--for fibromyalgia, supposed to give me energy. Tastes nasty.

Happy things:
  • Ellen DeGeneres stand-up DVDs are HILARIOUS!!! haven't laughed that much in a long time
  • BBC is sweet
  • Gonna get some books on CD tomorrow
  • Mmm...cinnamon-sugar muffin!
  • Still have food, shelter, clothing, and people who care about me. :)
Hoping tomorrow will be a bit brighter,


  1. So, when you finish those coloring pages you may request any new animal you would like to color. I will try to fill your order :)

  2. That last one was me...sorry...

  3. my mom just sent me the blog so i can keep up (still waiting for you to call...).

    i'll facebook you tonight, but you have to let me know what you thought of slumdog. i loved it.