Tuesday, January 20, 2009

New Kid on the Block

Wow. A college dropout AND a blogger. Two things I never thought I'd be.

I don't much feel like giving the history of my illness...check out my facebook notes.

Today marks the 10th consecutive week of being bed-bound. I think it's a little over 11 weeks total, but yeah. I'm not really digging this scene. Over the past two days, I watched an entire season of Gilmore Girls in 36 hours. And while it's the best-written show I've ever seen and usually quite enjoyable, I hated it. I hate being stuck on the couch, in bed, in the passenger seat of my own car, in the doctor's waiting room. The over-achiever in me is about ready to jump off a cliff. I feel useless and burdensome. The world is spinning on, and I'm just hangin out with Pluto. Not a planet anymore, bud.

But hey, how bout them Inaugurations!! =)

I didn't know until now that there was such a thing as being schoolsick. As stressful as college was, I want to go back so much. I need to get better and get on with my life.

I have faith that things will get better. I'm just impatient. Terribly, terribly impatient.

More to come later,


  1. Think of something really fun to do with me Friday evening (or Saturday morning-ish)...or maybe I'll think of something. Hmmm... perhaps something off your list? A popsicle stick vase perhaps? I'll think this through more before Friday. A trip to Walgreens or Target should get my mind going.

  2. Oh, and you're not a drop-out. You're taking a break. There's a difference. Dropout has such a negative connotation.

  3. oooh i just figured out how to access people's comments! fancy schmancy, this blogging business.

    lol well gimme a break...kit-kat bar!