Thursday, January 22, 2009

rar. =p

Today kinda sucked. What happened?!?

Had a relatively good morning, got up at 10, cleaned my room (physical labor! yes!), lunch, and then WHAM right around 2, my right hand went entirely numb. That was majorly freaky. Only lasted 20 minutes...but yeah. Scary.

Super tired, tried to take a nap at 3, and I had one of these horrible dreams where I can tell I'm dreaming but I feel like I can't breathe. Once I got out of it, my heart was pounding so hard. gahhhh. no fun.

I wanted to rest up for a CLC class at 5, which my parents *strongly* felt I should try to go to, but I stood up (ha. figuratively.) for myself and stayed in bed.

Right now, still sleepy and dizzy. Gonna hold off on any sort of "challenges" for the time being.

I think my condition is a lot more unpredictable than we would have expected.

tomorrow is another day,

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