Friday, January 23, 2009

Well...That Settles It

Today my chiropractor said, "Emma, you should be on *light duty,* physically and mentally. Once you have two solid weeks where things are entirely better, then you can go back to reading, unpacking, school, etc."

(Well, essentially, that's what he said.)


Silly parents and other adults prone to wigging out have been goading me to attend CLC classes, like just for the heck of it. Like just to make sure I'm not afraid of school, or allergic to school.

People, please. I survived Stevenson. I'm a nerd. You obviously don't know me very well. I'd rather be taking 25 credit-hours at U of I than sitting here, on my butt, alllllllll dayyyyyyy looooooong....watching movies and TV shows.

I'm a freak for learning. Period. But I can't go to class if I feel like I'm dying! If I'm seeing a doctor 3 times a week and he's saying WHOAAA hold it! You keep messing up what I just fixed!

Including my EYES!! yeah. those are kind of important for reading and learning and test-taking. sheesh.

so there you have it, folks. To the warped mind of this majorly-injured 18-year-old, it's okay to take a break! Especially if it's to take care of your spinal column.

sheesh again. people are so freaked that i'm going to be "behind" on life. Yeah, well I'm feeling pretty behind right now. Let's not screw it up by "strongly encouraging" (forcing) me back to school too soon.

thank you very much, ladies and gentlemen.

going to see Slum Dog Millionaire tonight!! and sit in the last row in the middle so I won't hurt my neck! YAY!

happy weekend, chums.


  1. "It's okay to take a break!" If you'd listened to me like 10 years ago you would have known this by now ;) jkjk. Had fun at the movie, hope you did too!

  2. ten years ago, sheesh. ten years ago you *left* me.

    ...for JERSEY!!!


    i did have fun. thank you for a grand night out!

  3. Emma you cannot think about getting behind on life, or let others let you think that sort of thing. Life is not linear, it does not continuously build, it takes unexpected zigzags. I absolutely believe that your life is going to be enriched or enrich others' because of this phase. Just work on getting stronger.

  4. Indeed, it's okay to take a break.