Friday, January 30, 2009

Red Vines.

Today I should be singing. I should be performing at IMEA All-State with U of I's Women's Glee Club. My high school choir--Patriot Singers--has also been honored with the invitation to perform. Just wish I could be there. Heck, I just wish I had the energy and the breath to sing. Humming a bit these days, but it's weak. Just waiting...

Anyway, so my chiropractor has basically admitted that he's never seen anyone as badly messed-up and as young as me. Drat. Have appts to see a neurologist and an acupuncturist this week. Exciting. January: the month of a second chiro. February: who knows! Keeping options open.

I'm signed up for a few "late start" classes at CLC--they begin this coming week. Not too confident I'll be able to go, but at the very least it's something to show the insurance company--that we've tried and tried to get me back to school but I'm just not capable yet. First things first. Gotta take care of the plague.

Audiobooks read with a British accent are so unbelievably entertaining. I find myself thinking in British a lot...words like Bugger, Posh, and Fancy that! I think it's so interesting how Americans pronounce so many English words differently...we say IN-no-VA-tive and they say in-NOV-ative. Oh those silly blokes across the pond. :)


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