Thursday, January 29, 2009


I really don't know what to title these posts. Titles in general seem silly for a blog of this purpose. What am I supposed to write? "Yup. Still Sick." "Feeling Crummy." "Absolutely bloody awful day!"

See, you wouldn't want to read that. So I will continue with the random titles.

Anyway, today I am laughing REALLY hard!! hahaha. Because I just got an email from UI's Phi Eta Sigma-- National Honor Society. How did this happen?!? It says I earned a 3.5 or above. LOL. try a "Withdrawn." ha. kinda like how i got into U of I in the first place...still completely mind-boggling. Maybe I should accept their invitation! Induction's in March. Maybe I'll be better by then!

In other news,
"the recipient of the 2009 Krannert Debut Award is Melissa Davis, voice student of Professor Ollie Watts Davis." YAY!!! Melissa was my voice teacher, and Dr. Davis directed the choir we were in together. (No relation, despite the same surname and similar talent.) I'm so excited for them both!! It's a big deal. :)

Nothing new with me really, still laughing. hahahaha

it's good for the soul,


  1. Maybe there's another Emma Trevor out there? Totally possible. And she's doing all that hard work for nuttin...haha!


    PS-I wasn't making fun of your titles or anything. I was just being random. AND I was procrastinating doing annoying hw. It really isn't fair to randomly put Spanish and French paragraphs into a philosophical text if the class it's for isn't a language class. Anywho, I might be around L-Shire more often in the next few months. Although I'll prolly be in Des Plains most of the time...

    <3 Laura

  2. You never know. I had two Helmi Patel's (no relation) in the same organic chemistry class in grad school.

  3. glad to hear that you're laughing