Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Kind of a Big Deal...

Today a very dear friend of mine is taking me to see a show!! On stage!! In public!! As in, this is the first time I've left my house to do something fun in...oh...6 weeks I think?

Excited. Also very nervous I might fall asleep or need to lie down. Hey, it's a matinee. I'm sure nobody's expecting a standing ovation.

But! I slept really well last night and am seeing my chiropractor right after. Golly. I'm so happy to be putting on, like, real clothes! and makeup! ahh!

In general, I have a little more energy today than yesterday. Talking to friends at school perked me up a bit. :) AND my toes aren't numb today! Yes!!

off to the theatre!


  1. Oh oh oh oh! I know! Wanna see Slum Dog Millionaire this weekend?? My treat. It's supposed to be realllllly good...Lemme know.

  2. We are so excited for you!!! What are you going to see?

  3. I bet that friend of yours is really nice!!! I heard that shes amazing! I bet you can guess who this is...