Monday, June 8, 2009

Poker Face - Lady GaGa

Tony Tony Tony! Ahh!

My first time hanging out at a friend's house since Thanksgiving: physically trying but well worth it. I'm so proud I was able to stay the whole time! Over 3 hours! I laughed so much I lost my voice a little. Good times. Much-needed fun. :)

  • Performances from Hair and Billy Elliot were outstanding!
  • West Side Story is timeless. Mambo!
  • Liza Minnelli needs HELP.
  • When that guy hit his head on the scenery [broke his nose!] -- terrible, I know -- but it was so funny, I just about lost it.
  • People with British accents are about 10 times more likely to win a Tony...or any American award for that matter. They just sound so delightful.
This morning I had SO much energy! I'm not sure how to describe it; again, I'm trying to emphasize that I'm not better yet. Once in a while I just get a couple hours where I feel really hyped up. Just part of my up-and-down cycle I guess. Crashed pretty bad this afternoon, but it was nice while it lasted.

Still, 3 hours last night? I wasn't confident I'd even be up to going, so the moral of the story is YAY. Now to recover. I'm so sore!

let the sun shine in,


  1. Emma,

    It was so great seeing you. Happy you made it over. I know it has been a long time since you girls got together. I know that you are still working through everything, but you look great! Hope to see you again soon...Shar

  2. I heard you when you got back; you really did lose your voice. But I was glad to hear that laughter was the cause. =)