Tuesday, June 23, 2009

All Star - Smash Mouth

Today felt miserable. Endless palpitations, short of breath, etc etc. Felt like all the busy days had really caught up with me. Pain and exhaustion.

And then my mom approaches me. "Water aerobics class in two hours. We're going."

Me (as always, a calm, quiet voice from within) : What are you, NUTS?

I'm proud to say we did leave the driveway, no thanks to me or my symptoms. Muscle cramps prompted classic teen scowls and lines like "You're crazy" and "Ow! Turn around! This is ridiculous!" But my mom was inspired by much more than my condition. Yes, friends. The class was FREE. Haha. Scots-Irish, represent, yo.

I felt like roadkill, but I lasted 20 minutes! Lots of chest pain, very tired. But I think it's a good move mentally. Baby steps. Next time I'll stretch more beforehand and focus on horizontal exercises. Staying upright, even in a pool, is difficult; swimming laps (slowly) would probably be easier on my heart. We'll see, we'll see! I'm in pain now, but overall I'd say today has been encouraging.

So look out, you locker-room ladies. They don't call me the Band-Aid Bandit for nothing!

bahaha. I gotta stop doing that.

peace out,

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  1. bah, exercise may be helpful, but often it's so hard.