Sunday, June 14, 2009

Listen to the Music - The Doobie Brothers

Today I came up with the world's greatest pun. Are you ready for this? Ready? Ready? Okay? K.

Why is Emma the most popular baby name in America? Because it's EMMAzing, that's why!

Get it? Amazing? Emma-zing? Haha! *Wipes tears from eyes* I am just SO funny! And it's like a hundred jokes in one, since it comes with the promise of infinite related puns. For instance, ahem,
  • As magician: The EMMAzing Emma!
  • As contortionist: She'll shock and EMMAze!
  • As author specializing in corny jokes: EMMAzing Maize!
Sorry to torture. Couldn't resist. :)

I feel lousy. Tomorrow is another day!

love & whole grains,


  1. You are so funny!!!

    I love it!!!

    Looking forward to seeing you!!


  2. The Doobie Brothers? Really? Aye aye aye

    My song suggestions to beautiful Emma:

    Alana Grace: Black Roses Red

    Rusted Root: Faith I do believe

    Eddie Veder: Hard Sun

    Always thinking of you and praying for you!