Wednesday, June 24, 2009

New Shoes - Paolo Nutini

Trying to read up. Acupuncture, aquatic therapy, cardiac rehab, on and on. I've gotten some good feedback concerning Midodrine - the next POTS drug on our list. At this point, really, whatever it takes! Thanks for your comments!

Fatigued and chest pain, but not terribly sore! Looking forward to building up my endurance.

...and then today, a competitor on "So You Think You Can Dance"... split his pants. I can't stop laughing. Forgive me. It's just one of those universally hysterical moments.

stay cool!


  1. New shoes? I got new shoes! I love my new shoes! I never ever want to take them off, but alas I have to sometimes...

    Sorry for the completely random comment =)

  2. Laura: lol! just keep them on in the shower, no biggie, right? :)