Thursday, June 18, 2009

Don't Stop Believing - Journey

Oh heavens. Too much to write.

Last night my mom and I went downtown to see Ellen DeGeneres! We got great seats - kudos to my dad! The whole evening was fun, but very demanding physically. The show will be broadcast on TBS next week; cameras exciting, microphones exciting, DJ exciting, but really? We came (and paid!) for Ellen to come entertain us, not for us to entertain the home audience with our dance moves. I liked grooving and singing along... but agh. So many commercial breaks. "Everybody on your feet! Let me hear you scream! Hands in the air! You're on TV!" *rolls eyes*

It's just so frustrating. POTS is such a pain! My heart was pounding so hard and so fast; my calves were tense and shaking from standing too much; I felt out of breath; I was - and still am - exhausted. The lights were so bright, and the speakers were so loud. What the heck. Agh. Ears still ringing.

But it was still an enjoyable evening! Highlights:
  • Laughing pins crack me up.
  • Sweet Home Chicago!
  • Video intro - Ellen runs all over the city.
  • Ellen waved directly at us! :D
  • She TOTALLY aimed that prize-winning tennis ball at me. The guy next to us got it though. Psh. As if that matters. I know she meant it for me!
  • I was picked to ask a question. And it was a good question. But they ran out of time. Yes, they ran out of time after six people were like, "OMIGAWD! Ellen! hihihi...umm...we have the same birthday! Will you have a birthday party with me?" Like what the heck kind of waste of a question is that. Six questions about birthdays. Doy, people. Missing the point.
  • Got to sit in the front row after the show...pretending we'd snagged a tennis ball. The pair next to us were kind enough to adopt us for the moment. Haha. We pull bits like this all the time.
  • I got a picture with Nick Cannon! [DJ, main guy from Drumline, etc]
  • Next time we will meet Ellen, I'm tellin ya!
Last night's tix were for my mom's birthday, surprise from my dad ...and tonight's Jersey Boy tickets are for Father's Day, surprise from my mom! Two big nights in a row? What a coincidence! I am excited, but resting resting resting! Plus we've got my next Dr appt tomorrow morning. PHEW!

I estimate a week to recover from these couple days. My poor little hyper heart!

Keepin my feet up and my spirits high,


  1. Emma,
    I'm so glad you got to go to the show. Your mom was worried that you wouldn't feel up to it but knew it would do you a world of good to laugh. Thinking about you - love your sense of humor.

  2. WooooWW!!! I'm totally jealous!!! I love Ellen! She's hilarious :)!! I'm glad that you're having a great week other than the pots symptoms. Sorry I haven't been keeping up. Ive been off facebook and online lately so I tend to forget!

    We should hang out when you're feeling better!! Call me, I am free most days!

  3. "Laughing pins"?
    And what was your question for Ellen?