Monday, June 15, 2009

Mr. Jones - Counting Crows

So, so tired. Silly eyes, silly body.


P.S. OH MAN! Lemonade? Are you kidding? L-Emma-nade? Legit, prepare to be EMMAzed.

When life gives you l 'EMMA'ns, make l ' EMMA ' nade.

In terms of a book title, I think we have a contender on our hands here! (All right, sorry, sorry. Enough groaning.)

But seriously, I didn't even plan that one. I... I - emma - genius.

pffff haha!

Someday I will own a highly profitable executive firm... charging large sums for my pun-believable services.

K I just reread everything I wrote. Perhaps it's an emma-teur attempt, but I think I - emma - musing. *Aaauuughhh!* hahaha. Too much pun-loving. Please help yourself to a barf bag, compliments of Emma-rican Airlines. Doing what we do best.

Good night! I'll be here all week!


  1. lame.
    not THAT funny
    do you remember that episode of arthur, where binky "steals" the joke from buster.
    and rattles says "i thinks its supposed to be a pun" and binky says "well it wasn't very pun-ny. HAHHA"

  2. you just have higher expectations for me because i'm just so round-the-clock witty. lol thanks for the review. In terms of my material... I'm still laughing about the Cher-crow!

    "what do you call 2 banana peels?"

    "...uggh...a pair of SLIPPERS!"

  3. Thinking of you Emma!

    Paula Cole.....Me


  4. CHER-CROW!!!

    ya, and busters unsuccessful joke.

    ok so i was going to write on your next blog post BUT you haven't writen one in TWO DAYS. rawr!