Friday, November 7, 2014

"Ash and Ember" / Augustana

I am tired. I'll keep this short.

Mom (and Dad and Jimmy) just got home from the hospital a couple hours ago. Mom's scan showed no other blood clots than the main one, in her left pelvis. They gave her bloodthinners and a new compression stocking. We are all in agreement that hospitals are not fun places to be.

As much as I wanted to visit my mom, it sure was a good thing I stayed home with a couple of kind, generous church friends taking shifts with me. In a four-hour period, I had four brief (2-3 minute) pseudo-seizures. Four! And then another one later on. At times it is hard for me to stand unsupported. I am lying down a lot. Know I need to get back in shape; the deconditioning is dangerous. Tomorrow I will start tilt-training once again.

I'm not happy about it, but at this point I am prepared to miss my church activities this weekend in order to focus on my health.

It's hard work, in more ways than one. God give me the grace to accept the good and bad that gets thrown my way.


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