Thursday, December 3, 2009

What Is Not The Name of the Game? Avacadon't.

We made it! Hoorah! Must sleep!

details later,


  1. ok so i'm supposed to be researching pots right now. i'm in the library during health class. and i figured why should i waste my time doing that when i could easily just type it up at home.
    and the printer here broke. so i fortunately couldn't print anything. haHAA!
    SOOOO.. how is the granulated waffle? is it the promised land you imagined? how did the flight go? did that pill trick work for the landing? is it nice there? but over all: ARE YOU FEELING BETTER????

    ok so i really wanted to know other words for sandy. thanks to, here are some synonyms.
    acervulus, ammophilous, arenaceous, arenicolous, granular, gritty, sabulous.

    i had a waffle for make me think of you. but now i'm not feeling so good. :/ i hope your waffle tasted better than mine

    peace out girl scout

  2. Emma we're thinking of you here from snowy Crystal Lake! San Diego is one of our absolute favorite places. I'm hoping and praying it gives you the break that you need. Rest up and be well!

    Kathie & Tom Stanek